Abstract Sculpture Artists

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abstract sculpture artistsAbstract sculpture artists are performing a very unique balancing act that involves taking their inspiration and communicating something that suggests and points to a certain concept or message, but that doesn’t use something that is easily identifiable in a representational sense.

You look at a piece of abstract sculpture and you are getting a commingled sense of both what the artist is seeking to communicate, and the way that the piece makes you feel. Of course, with traditional representational art there is still composition, and a number of techniques in use, in order to create the desired effect, but the object that is being sculpted or painted, by being easily recognizable, can make the piece easier to read and more explicit.

If You Love Abstract Sculpture Artists,
Commission A Piece With Dustin

When you look at Dustin Miller’s work you will see the shapes and colors of nature, and often the movement, translated into works that really capture something very vital, and which boil down the elements of a concept to something that communicates on a very primal level.

Sometimes when you look at the work of abstract sculpture artists you may feel that you instantly get the message that they are trying to communicate, and sometimes you may have to revisit the piece a number of times. Any great piece of art has that quality – that you can experience it multiple times and get something from it.

Dustin is always looking at new ways to create interesting and compelling pieces of art, and he is accepting commissions, so after a conversation with someone, he will be able to create something unique that really captures what they have loved in his work, and what his inspiration has provided him with as fuel to create his sculptures.