Abstract Sculpture

abstract sculptureFlorida is alive with art, and there are some great artists working in abstract sculpture. A lot of public art, occupying public spaces and bringing some much needed aesthetics into people’s daily lives, tend to be abstract sculpture. Why? It communicates – and not always the same thing. Depending on when you are looking at it and how you are feeling, it might say something entirely different to you. What better solution for a piece of art in a space that needs to be for everyone?

The same holds true for pieces that you want in your home or work space – things that are open to interpretation, and which provoke conversation, are much more interesting than something which really only warrants one viewing.

Inspired by your space and ready to adapt

Dustin is inspired by many different things, whether that be the elements, or other artists such as Jack Storms. Storms recently gained a whole new audience for his amazing fine-art glass sculptures thanks to one of his pieces, a mysterious glass cube, featuring in Guardians of The Galaxy.

There is a vibrancy to the colors and the motion that Dustin captures in his pieces, that, thanks to his choice of materials, are going to last a long time, and provide you with a lot of enjoyment. You can display them indoors or outdoors, which they are constructed to endure.

If you like abstract art you have a great opportunity to own a piece of art by a unique artist.