Art Commissions

art commissionsWhen people are looking to commission art they want to know that it is going to be durable if it is going to be placed outside, and they want to know that it is going to maintain its vibrancy, and retain the same visual energy that it possesses on day one when it has been in place and up against the elements for a while.

Dustin uses powder coating, which takes a coating that is in powder form, and uses an electrical charge to make it adhere to the surface. The coating is then baked at high temperatures, causing the powder to flow together, and this results in a coating that is durable and able to withstand the elements, as well as being very scratch resistant, and more so than a lot of liquid coatings. This is important, because Dustin is able to do custom color matching for any color that you want included in your sculpture, and having that sculpture look as it was designed to look is important.

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When you are displaying near swimming pools and near the ocean you have to consider the chemicals and the salt that may interact with your sculpture, and whether they are going to negatively impact upon your piece, and that isn’t a worry with Dustin’s sculptures.