Art Commissions

art commissionsArt commissions are a conversation between an art lover and an artist. They are the art lover telling the artist that they love their work so much that they would like a piece made personally for them. The artist then continues the conversation by creating something that really speaks to the art lover and the space which they have set aside for the piece of art.

When you like an artist’s aesthetic, you will often look at it and you will imagine what a piece might look like in your space. How might your space communicate with that piece of sculpture, and how might that sculpture transform the space that it occupies and takes command of?

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There aren’t many people who buy sculpture without thinking about where they would put the final piece of art, and if they are commissioning a piece they are going to be thinking about both the aesthetics of the artist and the aesthetics of their own space.

You love your home, and you have carefully constructed the environment not just to be a functional place to live, but to be an inspiring space that adds to the quality of your life. You want art in that space which uses the space as effectively as possible. You art should both work with and work against the space, to make it more interesting.