Aura Crystal Sculptures

Abstracting The Elements Collection

Aura Crystal Sculpture

Dustin has always been inspired by the elements of the earth and including them in his abstract metal sculpture work. Dustin has taken his large scale work to a satisfying level of sculptural luxury. However, there was still something missing for him in his smaller scale work. He wanted to create something that was different, WAY different. Something luxurious, precious, elemental and prestigious. Abstract sculpture art that would reach a new level of unique. Something that had some serious depth and so visually appealing it hypnotizes. Additionally, keeping the abstract contemporary look and feel to fit Dustin’s metal sculpture portfolio. All while embracing and uplifting beautiful elements from the earth. This is when he created the first aura crystal sculptures and when Abstracting The Elements Collection was born.

Dustin first discovered the metal coated crystals in 2018, immediately being inspired by their colors and shapes. The aura crystals are natural geodes such as quartz with a modified surface. Coated with titanium and gold to produce the brilliant dichroic iridescent sheen. Dustin took direct inspiration from these precious quartz crystals to hand select his own and create a masterpiece around each one. The aura crystal sculptures were created using the best metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. The first spark of creative inspiration for Dustin was the colors found on the surface of the aura crystals. “It was a brilliant color pallete created by metal that shifts with light, I was immediately hooked”. Stainless steel when heated to certain temperatures create shades of copper, blue and purple. This made for a perfect fit for the aura crystal sculptures by using and emphasizing the colors within the quartz crystal into the stainless steel sculptures. By naturally heating the stainless steel with a torch, Dustin generates the colors. Each aura crystal sculpture revolves around the precious stone. The sculpture is created to mount and embrace the crystal resulting in a visually stunning piece of sculpture work like no other. Each aura crystal sculpture design is inspired from the crystal itself. It’s shape, color and size determine how Dustin interprets and comes up with the best design for the stone. Dustin is currently working on this collection and expecting to release late spring or early summer of 2019.

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