Buying Art From a Gallery

Modern Wall Sculpture

Is Buying Art From a Gallery Right for You?

As being experienced in selling my own artwork at Abstract Metal Design I have seen all types of buyers and sellers in the art world. The way art is selling and how artists are making a living today is changing rapidly. I have sold a majority of my work direct to the client, where only 5% of my sales were referred by a broker or gallery. But as a buyer, where do you stand? Buying art from a gallery may not be as exclusive as you think.

Buying Art From a Gallery

A positive in buying art from a gallery whether it be sculpture, wall art or paintings is that you get to experience the work in person. You can see textures, layers, color qualities and compare sizing in person. It gives you more of an experience/test drive at the short time you are viewing it. And it is just something to do right? But if you really look into the dynamic of the gallery art purchase it can make you question if it’s the right way you want to purchase. Which leads me to my next few statements; the negatives of buying art at a gallery.


Not everyone may know this but you are paying a very high premium to buy the art you see on the spot. What is it? It is usually an additional 50% of what the actual artist is asking for the piece! So if you are considering purchasing a sculpture that is $2,600. The artist is only getting $1,300! That is right you are paying double the price of the hard work the artist put in the piece to a gallery that simply placed it in front of you and brought you in the door. Not only this, but depending on the gallery or how popular the artist is there will be even more cost added. If you have ever heard of the term “starving artists”, this is a major contribution. When I founded Abstract Metal Design, I didn’t just want to sell art. I wanted to start a movement fighting along side artists that want to sell their work direct to the client, make enough money to fund their dream and make the best possible piece of art for their clients at the best price. After all, you only have a small amount to choose from in a gallery. Which leads me to my next downfall to buying art from a gallery instead of direct from the artist. With the web available to us today, a suitable artist is just a click away.

Limited Selection

A gallery has various artists to display, but only a small number of those artists are going to directly appeal to you. You are not going in to buy just anything, you have a space, color scheme, feeling, and more things to consider. You can purchase something custom made from an artist you like by going through the gallery. But again you are paying double the artist’s asking price for this service. Additionally, it’s created another person that you have to go through to get your right piece. This can create more time and effort on your part. At Abstract Metal Design, the featured artist Dustin Miller will consult with you and provide sketches and renderings to be sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Art is personal and by just picking something off of the shelf (especially on a large sculpture) just won’t cut it.

Custom Modern Metal Art

To conclude, Abstract Metal Design specializes in creating custom made metal sculptures in both large and small scale for the wall, table, indoor and outdoor environments. Be sure to check see more about our process and learn more about getting a large custom metal sculpture as well as view some design concepts. We use different colors, metals and textures to create awesome modern metal sculptures that are unique beyond your everyday art. Not to mention, it will last more than a lifetime. Contact us today for your free consultation on the next large metal sculpture project for your home, public space or business.