Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art Gives You A New Way To Look At Things

Contemporary ArtWhat do you feel when you see a piece of contemporary art? Does the communication resonate with you? Any successful piece of art needs to be able to get a message across in a short amount of time. Many people like to think that the attention economy arrived along with the internet, but art was the first arena where things needed to be interesting, and spectacle was courted in order to attract attention.

Have you ever walked around a gallery and noticed how some pieces speak to you in a much louder voice than others? Conversely other pieces are almost anonymous and you would be hard pressed to recall anything about them to someone.

sUBSTANTIAL Contemporary Art

Dustin Miller creates pieces that command the space which they occupy. You will respond to the energy of the shapes, and to the bright colors, and the concepts that each piece evokes. Dustin’s sculptures each have their own personality, and they never look anonymous where they are placed.

Contemporary art pushes at the boundaries, and it provides us with new ways to look at the world – new angles of approach that might elucidate upon something we had not noticed before. By abstracting elements of nature and using those shapes and movements to create something new Dustin Miller and others who work in the field of contemporary art are giving us a new window on the world.

Dustin is accepting commissions, so if you wish to own a piece of amazing contemporary art, you have a wonderful opportunity to do so.