Contemporary Metal Art

Dustin’s Work Exemplifies The Best In Contemporary Metal Art

Contemporary Metal ArtWhether you are looking to buy a piece of art for a public space or a private space, you want it to communicate with it’s viewers instantly, but then you also want them to be able to keep coming back to it and to find more in it each time.

Most pieces of contemporary metal art don’t give themselves up to an easy instant read, but they do create an immediate visceral reaction, and that is what you want. A lot of art that is commissioned for public spaces is going to be sculptural, because it really imposes itself upon the space. In an area with high traffic, where you are communicating to a lot of people from different kinds of backgrounds, having a piece with a more fluid communication that can be read in a number of different ways is perfect.

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Dustin Miller has created a number of pieces that have to function in just this way, serving as an aesthetic focal point for a public space – capturing something of what the client wants to communicate about their business or organization, and adding in the artist’s unique vision in regard to this.

Dustin is regularly creating new works, and is accepting commissions for both public and private spaces. All of his existing designs can be adapted to a larger scale, and the colors can be adjusted to reflect the aesthetic effect that the buyer is trying to achieve. These flexible and durable artworks enhance any space they are displayed in, and you are guaranteed to get many years of enjoyment from them.