Dustin’s Orb Sculpture HGTV Outdoor Award Winning Design

Fire Sculpture

Dustin’s Orb Sculpture HGTV Outdoor Award Winning Design

June of 2015, Ryan Hughes Design Build commissioned the artist and contemporary metal sculptor Dustin Miller to create a contemporary stainless steel sculpture. In addition, Dustin’s Orb Sculpture was an HGTV Outdoor Award winning design. Not to mention, the sculpture was created from 100% stainless steel. Stainless Steel is a high quality metal for outdoor environments that is rust resistant. Each piece had to be cut to a unique shape and rolled to a circular motion to be welded at the seams. Also, each piece was woven in and out to create more dimension. It gave the overall shape it’s dynamic structure. Additionally, the pedestal is a propane powered concrete pedestal the sculpture was mounted to that contained lava rock underneath. The fire flows through the piece giving it a vibrant and contemporary look.

Metal Fire Sculpture

Additionally, the orb sculpture was recently part of an HGTV Outdoor Award Winning Design for “Water, Water Everywhere Category” of the 2016 HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards. Dustin creates sculptures for several types of spaces mostly focusing on modern and contemporary sculpture design. The artist crafts with the best metals for weather resistance and longevity. To find out more about Dustin’s process for creation, see more about our process. Dustin offers free consultations, contact us today.

Metal Orb Sculpture