Large Outdoor Sculpture

Large Black Sculpture
Vitality in a weathered black aluminum finish

Purchasing large outdoor sculpture work for your business, clients or home can be a big decision. Buying from galleries, art shows, and commissioning artists can be a limited difficult process. In many cases, you are overpaying for the broker fees while having to select from limited inventory. In addition, you’re not getting a piece that was designed for the space. Commissioning an artist can be a very expensive and time consuming process. At AMD Gallery, Dustin Miller the founder and artist has mastered making it possible so that more people can acquire his work.

Custom Sculpture Work For Any Space

Outdoor Sculpture Design
Cosmic, designed for a desert environment

Color, scale and design are all important things to consider when purchasing a large outdoor sculpture. Dustin specializes in designing modern metal sculpture work for any space. Starting with a design, Dustin has a portfolio of existing designs and also creates renderings for new designs for your space. We work with designers, developers, businesses, homeowners and more. His work primarily consists of abstract with inspiration from the elements on the earth.

Large Abstract Sculpture
Ascension by Dustin Miller adapting to it’s tropical environment

Outdoor Sculpture

You should consider several factors when buying or commissioning an outdoor sculpture for your environment. The material is very important to the longevity and appearance of the work. Certain types of metals rust and corrode. Some quicker than others depending on the material. Once rust starts, it can cause structural damage and of course an orange appearance. While in some cases this may be suitable for the design, Dustin uses primarily high grade aluminum and stainless steel metals. With the proper finish, these materials don’t rust or corrode in most environments. In high salt environments, salt can cause damage. We have a solution for that as well. Powder coating is a professional application using magnetic energy to achieve the best and most durable coating on metal. This is a coating method that may be performed on your outdoor sculpture.

Blue and Silver Sculpture
Weather proof powder coated gloss transparent teal blue and clear coat on aluminum

Large Sculpture

Often times browsing online and selecting a large metal sculpture can be a quick, cheap and a painless process. However, there are some things to consider. Too many times people are unhappy with the sculpture they purchased at lower prices from some artists or online stores. The pictures make the piece look large or substantial, but this is not always the case. If it seems too good to be true, well you know the rest. Checking dimensions and measuring the space is definitely encouraged. But, a rendering or opinion from the artist can be very valuable. A lot of times a sculpture can “shrink” in an outdoor or large surrounding space very easily. Dustin does free consultations and doesn’t let his clients go unhappy. A large sculpture can be very substantial and make a statement. Think long term and how much you or others will be enjoying it for many years to come! Browse the gallery and get inspired!