Large Outdoor Sculptures


Sometimes a tree, a few shrubs or a rock just doesn’t cut it for creating a focal point in your landscape, and whether you realize it or not right now. You need a large outdoor sculpture! And what better way to achieve that then by hiring an artist to do it for you. Dustin Miller at Abstract Metal Design specializes in contemporary modern metal large outdoor sculptures. We make the process simple. It doesn’t matter where you are located, free consultations are arranged.

Check out Our Process and get a feel for the possibilities

Dustin includes fresh designs in a portfolio for custom projects see more about our process. It acts a great reference to show the design and style of his modern contemporary metal sculptures. A large outdoor sculpture can be done in many sizes, colors and with different materials. Dustin Primarily uses metal as his medium and always uses rust/corrosion resistant high grade aluminum and stainless steel that are specifically used for large outdoor sculptures to prevent any weathering over time.

Your large outdoor sculpture will be one of a kind

Additionally, every sculpture created by Dustin Miller is a sculpture custom made for the client and none of it is outsourced or duplicated several times. These modern masterpieces are totally custom from the beginning design phase. Your space is evaluated and the large outdoor sculpture is designed to fit in within your landscape. Whether you are getting a sculpture for your pool area, landscape, or maybe inside your home it will be something nobody will be able to resist staring at!

Let’s get your large outdoor sculpture going

A lot of artists make it a very long drawn out and difficult process to get a suitable piece right for you and your space. Or will claim they are creating it and actually getting it manufactured in a different country. Not to mention it can take several months to get your piece. Abstract Metal Design doesn’t waste any time and guarantees quality, accurate and appealing work delivered in a timely manner that will last more than just a lifetime. Contact us today to get your project started!