Large Sculptures

Large sculpturesIf you think about large sculptures that have been constructed to occupy public spaces they really capture the imagination. The Angel Of The North in the UK became a landmark, so did the Cloud Gate in Chicago; there are the sculpture gardens in New Orleans, and a whole host of public art projects throughout the country, and the world. All of them have proven to be very popular, and they are something that change people’s relationship with the area.

When you start to add scale into sculptures the transformative power of the sculptures increase exponentially. Smaller pieces definitely attract attention, and can really make an impression with the aesthetics, but if you have ever stood before a really large sculpture you can feel the way that it changes the space around it.

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There is a reason why sculpture is the perfect art-form for communicating aesthetics in a public space – it is a very instant communication that can operate at varying scales very easily. Dustin’s work really embodies this characteristic of sculpture, and when you see his pieces you will understand this.

Whether you choose to display a piece of Dustin’s art inside or outside, it is designed to endure, and will bring you enjoyment for a long time. It is great to find a piece of art that can have such an impact on the space, and which, because of its durability will be able to continue to have that effect for a long time.