Metal Art Featured on Magnum P.I. on CBS

In September of 2018, metal art featured on Magnum P.I. on CBS would be two of Dustin’s sculpture designs. Wall Tempest on the left and Vortex on the right. The Wall Tempest design was originally designed to be a part of a set of 3 and since has been sold as a single wall sculpture. The freestanding sculpture Vortex on the right, has been a very popular sculpture design sold in many colors directly to many clients across the U.S. It was one of Dustin’s very first abstract sculpture designs in 2014. The featured Metal Art on Magnum P.I. on CBS has yet to be found live, but will be soon. Keep an eye out for Dustin’s work, and get in touch if you would like to purchase or commission Dustin for your next project!