Metal Art That Defines

Metal Art
The Tempest design freestanding sculpture (left) wall sculpture (right)

Metal Art for the wall, floor, large scale and sculpture furniture

Metal art is purchased in all shapes and forms. Most lower priced metal art is grinded flat panels. In 2014 Dustin Miller (sculpture artist) wanted to change the game. Dustin wanted to offer his work directly to clients of all types such as designers, business owners or homeowner’s without the ridiculous markup and outdated gallery scene. His work is more dimensional than most metal art out there. Not only that, but Dustin doesn’t mind matching your design needs for size, design or color. It can be difficult to define your space with just furniture. Sometimes using art can really set the theme and feel for a room or even outdoor space. At Abstract Metal Design Gallery the work of Dustin Miller is offered at very fair pricing. Not to mention, the most quality aluminum and stainless steel metals are used in our selection.

Metal Wall Sculpture

Abstract Wings Wall Sculpture
Reign metal wall sculpture design in it’s full form

Most of the metal wall sculptures featured at AMD Gallery by Dustin Miller are not flat pieces of metal with paint or grind patterns. He exceeds the standard to enhancing your space. As a sculptor, dimension is everything. Every piece comes ready to easily install. Every design is exclusive and different. Dustin takes on a free form style to assure your piece is unique and impacting for your wall space.

Freestanding Metal Sculpture

Freestanding Metal Art
Cosmic Freestanding Sculpture Design

Freestanding metal sculptures are a favorite at AMD Gallery. Dustin works in all scales and works in colors to define a space. Styles and designs created from the metal inspired from the elements of the earth. Much of the art can fit your decor by default. However if you want something specific it’s easy to get a rendering or color sample just contact us for a free consultation. Go to the gallery and see the freestanding designs.

Large Outdoor Sculpture

Outdoor Metal Art
Black Tempest in it’s full form at night with proper lighting

Large outdoor sculpture is Dustin’s favorite category to work in. These towering and visually hard hitting designs make a statement. Created to fit your landscape, patio or even inside your home if you have enough space to fill. The coating methods and metals used specifically chosen to resist the outdoor elements in any type of environment. Not to mention with the right lighting, this metal art can be really awesome at night! Consultations are free so, Check out our large scale sculpture designs here to get inspired!

Functional Sculpture furniture

Sculpture Furniture
Inspired from the Storm sculpture, this coffee and end table set is a work of sculpture art

A new category offered at Abstract Metal Design. Dustin’s abstract style made into functional metal sculpture furniture. The modern dynamic metal art designs will be available as sets. An awesome combination because they will compliment any metal art you may have in the space as well. The furniture is becoming more available soon, so keep an eye out or get in touch to start your custom project.

Metal Art By Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller welding on Ricochet large sculpture design

Now that you know about more about the metal art, take the next step and get in touch with us. Dustin works with home owners, designers, developers, companies and public projects across the United States and Canada. From design to creation, the artist offers free consultations. Colors swatches, renderings and miniature models are used in the planning process. We also offer interior and exterior design advice. To schedule a free consultation or to make an appointment at our gallery in Clearwater, FL call 727.888.1122 or email us.

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