Modern Art

modern artModern art is all about experiment, and pushing the boundaries in an aesthetic way that really communicates. The process of abstraction can manifest in a number of different ways, including taking shapes from nature, and using them to communicate some particular concept, or to evoke a certain emotion.

The shapes that often present themselves in our daily environment, in the architecture, in our vehicles, and in other creations that we use unthinkingly, are often abstracted or idealized forms that are very present in the natural world, and are very strongly identified with certain concepts. Curves are often perceived as feminine, while hard straight lines are seen as being more masculine. A real mastery of these forms and the subtle interplay between the two dynamics is what really marks out a skillful artist, and this is something that is plainly evident in Dustin’s work.

Invest in a piece of modern art

The materials, and the colors and the techniques that Dustin uses, allow him to create very striking pieces of work in a way that will allow them to be displayed in a a number of different ways, and over a long period of time, and to retain the same look despite whatever environment in which they are displayed.

The great thing is, as an artist Dustin is accepting commissions, and after talking to his clients draws inspiration from them as well, to create a brand new piece of art that embodies all these great qualities. Contact him today to find out more.