Outdoor Sculpture

outdoor sculptureOutdoor sculpture has long been a part of the visual information that people process as they walk through public spaces, and it truly does have a transformative effect on the environment. When you see a great sculpture in an area you know that someone is invested in making that area look interesting and appealing. Likewise, when someone invests in art in their office or personal space it really does communicate positively about them and their environment, and their desire to make it beautiful.

Dustin has a number of pieces on display, including pieces at Hilton Universal Studios in Hollywood, at Nalanda Estates near Bradenton, to name a few, and at various private locations. Without exception, each piece is adding something to the location where it lives.

Beautiful And Durable,
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Dustin’s art, which is often inspired by the elements is perfectly at home in the elements, transforming the geometry of nature into a very direct communication that resonates, and endures. A piece of outdoor sculpture can compliment or play against its surroundings to great effect, and with an artist like Dustin who really understands how to manipulate the materials he uses and utilize the techniques he has mastered to their best effect, the results can be stunning.

Dustin’s work is constructed in such a way that all of the pieces which can be displayed inside can be displayed outside as well. So whatever space you are thinking of displaying your piece in can be accommodated.