Oasis Black Wall Sculpture


42″ Tall x 96″ Wide x 2″ Deep (All 3 pieces included) They can be spaced to set apart at your desired overall width.

Individual Piece SIZE:

42” Tall x 29” Wide x 2” Deep

  • Etched signature by the artist Dustin Miller
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Outdoor compatible made from high quality corrosion resistant aluminum and coated for additional protection
  • Floats off of the wall surface 2 inches providing more dimension
  • The wall art comes mounted to the brackets and no assembly required
  • Easy to mount securely using the stainless steel standoff pegs provided

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Custom Sizes/Finishes Available | Contact us for custom requirements


Oasis is a unique modern modern black wall sculpture design made from high quality corrosion resistant aluminum. This is a dimensional wall piece that is elevated 2 inches from the wall surface using custom designed brackets. Additionally, the brackets have a locking design for easy secure installation. Also, this piece is compatible for outdoor installation with a durable coating for weather resistance. Not to mention this isn’t your average flat wall art. It is a dimensional wall sculpture designed by Dustin Miller. 

Purchase Information

Dustin works in all sizes, materials and colors. There are signature designs available as well as the option for a newly designed piece for your space. We encourage you to see how the process works for more info on the commission process.

Pricing & Lead Time

The prices of Dustin’s metal sculptures depend on the design including, creation time, level of difficulty, materials used and more. Pricing for smaller pieces can range anywhere from $200 to $1,000. For large freestanding sculptures or large wall sculptures prices can range from $1,000 to $20,000+. Lead time depends on the design. For smaller scale work it is usually less than 3 weeks. For large sculptures lead time can range from 3 weeks to 6+ months depending on the project.

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