A Beautiful Sculpture Can Transform Your Location

sculptureSculpture as a form of art is of a similar age to purely visual art – the Löwenmensch, or Lion-Man statue from the Swabian Alps being in the region of 40,000 years old, compared to the seal cave paintings in the Cave of Nerja, in Málaga, Spain which are around 42,000 years old.

In all that time there have obviously been many ideas about what constitutes a sculpture, and the kind of materials and techniques that are employed in the creation of them. Creating something that stands the test of time, in terms of both the endurance of the materials used, and the message that is being communicated, has always been of concern. Artists have always wanted to create something that is timeless.

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Artists have always been inspired by a mixture of other artists and the world around them, and Dustin Miller is no different. Whether it is Eric Peltzer, Matt Devine or Jack Storms, Dustin is inspired by these artists who are at the top of their game, and driven to continually explore new things with his art and the techniques he uses. Combined with the inspiration of the beautiful surroundings in Florida he is creating unique and vibrant pieces that you can see in a number of public settings, and which are transforming a number of private residences into even more aesthetic places.

Dustin is accepting commissions, and loves to create new pieces for people who have come to him, inspired by the work he has on display, whether online or out in the world, where his art takes all the lessons learned from tradition, and forges ahead with something new.