Sculpture Art

sculpture artReally good sculpture art, like all really good art, communicates. The physical dimension to the artwork has a corresponding physical effect on the viewer, and when you look at a piece of sculpture art you are processing a number of different bits of information.

Sculpture is about volume and about the way it moves through and occupies a space. Sculpture is both architectural and designed to convey a dynamism that you won’t necessarily find as easily in a canvas. You can sense the weight of a piece when you look at it – you can see how it relates to the place you display it; interacting with the light, and both being altered by and altering the context you place it in.


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There is a high level of skill to be observed in the kind of art metalwork that Dustin Miller does – translating a concept into a piece that looks effortless in its evocation of movement, and its graceful form.

A sculpture is many parts in cohesion – materials, execution, form, color, and mass. A well executed sculpture transcends any of these component parts, as does all really good art. Walk around a gallery and you do not need a guide to tell you what a piece means – you have an emotional reaction to it. When you see one of Dustin’s pieces, you will likewise have a reaction to it, and over time the sculpture will, as art does, take on different meanings, and become even more resonant for you.