SculptureSculpture: noun

  1. the art of making two- or three-dimensional representative or abstract forms, especially by carving stone or wood or by casting metal or plaster.

There is a long tradition behind Dustin Miller consisting of certain techniques and certain well known artists, and certain ideas of what sculpture should be, so forging ahead and creating something that is unique, which provides a fresh take on sculpture, is a brilliant thing.

You can see when someone has really made something their own, and can speak freely in the language that they have chosen to speak in. In many ways this starts with actually having something to say, but then knowing how to say it becomes very important in the execution of the piece, and its translation from concept into physical piece of art.

Own a unique sculpture By Dustin

You perfect your art, and then the challenge is to keep pushing the boundaries, and finding new techniques and new ways to keep the art compelling, and this is something that Dustin excels at.

As well as drawing inspiration from nature, like many artists, Dustin also has artists who he holds in high esteem that inspire him. Matt Devine is one of these people. You can see in Matt’s art the echoes of natural shapes, the energy, the color, and the way it really communicates with its environment – something very true of Dustin’s own work.

There are some great extant pieces that you can choose from, or you can commission a piece from Dustin, something that will a personal communication between the artist and yourself.