Wall Sculptures

wall sculpturesWall sculptures like all art represent a number of things – the vision of the artist, the inspiration that sparked that vision, the process that it took to create the art, and of course the final piece itself, and the way it works both as a piece in isolation and a piece within a certain environment.

Any successful piece of art contains these elements, and these are what lends it its vibrancy and makes it truly alive as a piece.

Each piece that Dustin Miller creates speaks to the vision of him as an artist – the choice of the materials, the choice of the colors, the way the shapes contained within the sculpture communicate among themselves and also the world around them.

Give Your Walls some dimension.

You can discover the inspiration in both the name of the piece, and by experiencing it for yourself, because each piece is designed to evoke and communicate what that inspiration meant to the artist.

Each of these wall sculptures is created to be both durable and aesthetic, so that you can enjoy them for a long time in whatever space you choose to display them.

As with any art, once the artist puts it out there in the world, the conversation about what it is and what it means changes, and this is especially true of abstract art. These wall sculptures will engage you and get you thinking, and they will have you talking and pondering about what you can see in them; what you can read into them.